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by Jim Porter

About three years ago, I had an inquiry about the Swimming Worm from an elderly gentleman in Monroe, LA. He wanted to know if it was good for ponds and water full of grass and trees. Plus, was it fairly easy to fish? I told him that was an ideal habitat to teach the critter to swim, and it would work for anyone, especially kids. Just cast it out and reel it back, I told him.

And, so, Louis Milner ordered his first Swimming Worm assortment.

About three weeks later, I got a call from a Henry Biedenharn. (Henry Biedenharn was the original President of what is now the Coca Cola company.) Henry said he had seen a guy with this odd fishing lure and he was catching all the bass out of one of Henry’s private ponds. When Henry said he was from Monroe, LA, I simply replied ‘Louis Milner is the culprit’

Henry allowed as that was right and that he and Louis had been fishing buddies for years. Henry owns a large estate outside Monroe and has a number of small lakes on the property. Usually, he and Louis only caught a few fish, Mr. Biden confided. But, this time, Louis was ‘cleaning my clock’, he said. “I want some of them worms,” Henry demanded.

Over the three years, these two fishing partners have caught a lot of fish on the Swimming Worm and, from time to time, they tell me about it. One memorable story was about taking grandkids to the lakes. Seems like every time they cast to this one tree, they caught a fish.

Well, Louis finally showed me some proof of their fishing success, as he sent a picture. This time, he was fishing with his wife, Polly. Here’s the tale and the picture he sent:


My wife, Polly, and I were fishing at Henry’s lake near Clayton, LA, this past weekend. He told us to try and take 30 bass out of the lake, 13 inches and under. Release any over 13 inches. On Friday afternoon, we caught 19 bass, 13 or under, and several 4 and 5 pounders, which we released. Saturday, We went back and got 11 keepers. The highlight of the trip was when I hung up in a cypress tree, Polly hooked a nice bass on her ultra-light rod and it immediately wrapped around a stick-up. I got unhooked and went to get her fish. To our surprise, she had 2 bass on her swimming worm and we boated them both. Looks as though LA bass will fight each other for a Swimming Worm. Here’s a picture of the pair on the worm.

Louis Milner, Monroe, LA


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