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When the winds blow and/or the water get stirred up, we Stick Marsh regulars can still experience great fishing. In this case, ‘great fishing’ is spelled ‘Ansin Garcia Reservoir.’ In fact, this small impoundment is a great fishing hole in its own right!!

Garcia is located right off State Road (SR) 512, just north of its intersection with SR 60. Just think, no rough, dusty road to drive to get there! SR 512 runs from Sebastian, to I-95 (exit 156), to Fellsmere, and on south to SR 60. See our map at this link: www.stickmarsh.com/road.shtml

You can fish Garcia anytime. There are no restrictions and it only has rules regarding the normal state limits on fish. None have to be released, but we encourage release of the bass. There are no facilities, except for a nice paved parking lot, a couple of picnic shelters, and two boat ramps/one airboat slide.

It is a beautiful lake that was also once an old farm. It is somewhat shallow, so care is required until you know the place. It's not stumps you will hit, it's the submerged levees along the ditches!! The place is full of grass of all types, huge lily pad fields, reeds stand -- you name it. Wildlife abounds and it 'up close and personal'.

The fishing is superb, once you learn the lake. However, the average fish is small. The good part is that there are zillions of them!! There are big bass as well. Not as many as the Stick Marsh, by any means. But, you do get one now and then. There is just so much cover to fish. Plus, there are so many smaller faster bass than big ones. That means you almost have to hit a big 'un between the eyes with the lure/bait.

The techniques to fish Garcia are wide open. Shiners work great. Artificials are limited a bit due to the heavy cover everywhere. One of the favorite style lures is the soft plastic fluke, or my RIPPIN' Stick soft jerk bait. The old RIPPIN' Stick got an 8.5-lb. beauty recently (see our fishing report and pictures for 18 March at www.stickmarsh.com/stickmarsh/reports/current.shtml. This is finesse fishing at its best. Just fish the lure slowwww and let it drop. The only reason to ever pull it is to get it back up so it can drop again!!! A small, lightly weighted Texas rigged plastic worm will also work well. Stay with dark colors in everything. Green Pumpkin variations always do well. Some limited topwater is available by working the RIPPIN' Stick across the surface with a continuous, erratic action. Plus, the new Zoom Horny Toad soft plastic frog works like a mini-buzz bait and they'll chase it. Topwater will get right on Garcia in the May timeframe. Watch for it.

Garcia connects to the spillway in the SE corner of Farm 13 by way of a 3-4 mile long canal. The grasses on the edges of the canal are good fishing, as is drifting shiners out in the open water. Crappie schools can be found in the canal by drifting minnows.

Because of its shallowness and all the grass, there is no wind problem with Garcia. There are no waves to contend with. If it is cold, as well, just get a reed stand to your back and it will break the wind fine.

You'll like Garcia Reservoir!!

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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