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by Jim Porter


As we begin our various series on different aspects of fishing, I hope I may be of some service by sharing my many hours on the waters of this World. possibly, most important, I hope to help you, the Reader, UNDERSTAND more about the fish and be more successful.

'Understanding' is based on accumulated experiences aided by a dose of open-minded reasoning. There are a million-and-one fables and fallacies that surround the sport of fishing. Most have their roots in the elaborate excuses we often employ as a justification for NOT having had a successful day (i.e., The water was: too, high, too low; too rough, too calm; too muddy, too clear. The barometer was: too high, too low; falling, rising. I didn't have the: right color, right lure, right line weight, right rod, right reel. I was: too late, to early. The fish weren't 'biting'. And, ad infinitum.).

Probably the best one I ever heard was from the Bass Club 'hotshot' who got skunked one Saturday, when everyone else brought in fish. His excuse was (and I quote), "I was fishing for big fish, not those little ones."

The Reader will rapidly note that my materials address fishing from a logical perspective. There are no real mysteries in successful fishing. Actually (if you are taking notes for the pop- quiz that follows these remarks, you want to pay close attention now), 'Catching fish is extremely EASY; it's FINDING them that's so darn hard.' That's Porter's Rule of Fishing #1. For example, if you want to pick apples, you have to do two things first: 1) find an apple tree; and, 2) find one with apples on it.

The people who are most successful at the sport are nearly ALWAYS the ones who put the MOST into it. You can be as good as anyone at fishing, IF you are willing to put the required time and effort into it. That means:
  • Open-minded study of the sport
  • Applications of common sense rather than 'old wives tales' (no sexism intended)
  • Lots of practical exercise time on the water
Money will not make you an outstanding angler and there are no 'magic lures'. I don't care how many Billy Bobber Super Catchem' Whiznats you buy or how much high-priced equipment you invest in, 'YOU' find and 'YOU' catch the fish. Humm, there are those two words from Rule #1 again.

'Catching', as we said, is easy once you learn to handle your equipment, select the proper lure, and present that lure properly to the fish. Not much rocket science in that part. But, that 'Finding' stuff---that's a 'whole nuther ball game', to quote old Dizzy Dean. The answer to predictable angling success vs. occasional angling success lies in just knowing how to effective 'find' the critters. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

So, guys and gals, clear your minds of all the old excuses for poor fishing. I have the easy part --I am going to explain some of the 'how' to you. You have the hard (but fun) part --- you have to go make it happen.

And, you will!!! I guarantee it --- IF you forget all the things you read, hear and see and simply take control of your own fishing success.

Just because someone else says it's so, often doesn't mean a thing. Their comments may have been their experience, OR they may have been repeating what they read, heard or saw. Rumors start that way, don't-ya-know. OR-OR-OR, they may be trying to sell you something!!! Maybe even a 'magic' lure for $39.95, plus shipping and handling and whatever!!! And, be sure to mail your order before midnight and they get the money sooner.

Let's start off with the first four Rules of Fishing to stimulate the old thought juices and next session, we'll look at them more closely (don't forget the pop-quiz):
  1. CATCHING fish is easy; FINDING them is the hard part.
  2. Seems how the harder I fishes, somehow the luckier I gets.
  3. Dry lures catch darn FEW fish.
  4. BE SAFE


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