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  • WHERE THE HECK IS ASIN GACIA RESERVOIR??  hen the winds blow and/or the water get stirred up, we Stick Marsh regulars can still experience great fishing. In this case, ‘great fishing’ is spelled ‘Ansin Garcia Reservoir.’ In fact, this small impoundment is a great fishing hole in its own right!!
  • WHERE THE HECK IS GOODWIN LAKE??  I am a bit hesitant to say anything about it, because I virtually have this little fishing jewel all to myself. But, what the hey. I catch a lot of fish because I am so lucky (my Mother and my Wife say I 'smell a little like fish' and that's why they come to me so readily). Other that try Goodwin may not do as well. Then, I'll have it all to myself again!!
  • Wade Fishing on the Tuckasegee River for smallmouths  There are a LOT of small rivers running down the mountain passes in the Smokey Mountains. They are EVERYWHERE. And, the nice things are that most are very accessible and all appear to be full of fish!
  • Cedar Cliff Lake  The final lake on the Upper Tuckasegee River system we visited is small Cedar Cliff. Weighing in at a 121 acres and about 4.5 miles of shoreline, Cedar Cliff was no lightweight by any means. In fact, we had our best largemouth days there.
  • A Trout Excursion  One thing the Western North Carolina (WNC) mountains have plenty of is trout. Predominately, there are the Rainbow, Brook and Brown varieties. Many of the cold, tumbling streams running down the topography of the Smoky Mountains have native trout, while others are also supplemented by heavy stocking by the Game and Fish people.
  • Lake Rousseau  Lake Rousseau, although not physically a large body of water, takes on a relatively larger dimension due to the boating restrictions one must observe to safely navigate its timber-infested waters.
  • Possible Contamination of Rice Creek and Etonia Creek tributaries Near Palatka, Florida  An in depth article about the possibility of the waters being contaminated in the Rice Creek and Etonia Creek tributaries newar Palatka, Florida. Includes Factual Data.
  • The Ocala Forest Lakes  Deep in the heart of central Florida, away from the bustle of attractions and congestion of retirement regions, the Ocala NF is a relatively unspoiled area covering over 380,000 acres. Nestled between two rivers, the mighty St. Johns River (flowing north) on the eastern boundary and the Ocklawaha on the west, the Ocala National forest is the southernmost national forest in the continental US east of the Mississippi River. It is also the last major Sand Pine community left in Florida.
  • Florida's Butterfly Peacock Bass
  • I heard the FARM 13/STICK MARSH is done for  The title comment and the response were Internet traffic items on a fishing site discussion page that I frequent. One thing I have found in all my years, both as a fisherman and as an outdoor writer, is that rumors beget rumors. Someone made a trek to the famous Brevard County, Florida, fishing Mecca and couldn't find the bass. So, the obvious excuse was that "there are no fish left there".
  • Florida's Butterfly Peacock Bass  We in south Florida have one of the finest fishing opportunities awaiting. All we have to do is go and partake of it. From approximately Ft. Lauderdale, south, the South American peacock bass thrives in the canals and watersheds that criss-cross the entire region. They are exciting, powerful fish that may just be the BEST fresh water game fish in the World.
  • KISSIMMEE Chain of Lakes  Jim Porter gives an overview of the Florida lakes comprising the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes
  • LAKE ISTOKPOGA  Historically, Lake Istokpoga has been known for black crappie, red ear sunfish and bluegill fishing. More recently, an excellent largemouth bass fishery has developed due to hydrilla expansion.
  • Bass by the numbers  We surveyed a number of Florida bass fishing guides and some professional outdoor writers in the State and asked the following question: "For sheer numbers of bass, what are the best waters in the State?" The following is a summation of their answers.
  • Fishin' Tipster visits a Trout Farm  Yes, I was taking some flack about going to catch rainbows. BUT, I knew three things Dot didn't. First, rainbow trout, especially fresh ones, are among the best eating fish anywhere. Second, I was taking her to a trout farm where there were 800,000 rainbows to cast a lure to. (It definitely should NOT be too hard to catch a fishy!) And, finally, some of the rainbows went 7-8 pounds. They were very capable of 'bending the rod', as Dot was to later find out.
  • Land of Giants  In Southwestern Florida lie the cities of Lakeland and Bartow. In and around these communities, the business of phosphate mining is a major part of the economy. In addition to the many shallow, natural lakes which abound in this part of the State, there are a tremendous number of man-made bodies of water, the remnants of the mining effort.
  • Elk River - An Unknown Wonder  The Elk River is little recognized as other than as the 'parent', by virtue of dam projects, of Tim's Ford Lake and Woods Reservoir in South-central Tennessee. While these two impoundments enjoy a wealth of angling notoriety, Elk River, itself, is all but overlooked.
  • White River Run-Off A Delta Bassin' Bonanza  If I told you about a location and method of fishing that would enable an angler to catch 100 bass a day, would you sit up and take notice? Sure, any bass fisherman would.
  • East Lake:  Florida Freshwater Fishing Tour: Discussion on East Lake
  • Lake Poinsett & Winder:  Headquarters of the St. John's River
  • Alligator Chain of Lakes:  The Alligator Chain is in the upper Kissimmee River drainage basin. The seven lakes (Center, Coon, Trout, Lizzie, Alligator, Brick and Gentry) are all connected by canal systems, but the Alligator-to-Gentry canal has a fixed spillway, which precludes navigation. All the other canals are navigable, with the exception of that to Lake Brick during periods of low water.
  • Guntersville Lake - Gem of the Tennessee:  For all the greatness of the Tennessee River chain, one body of water is special. Guntersville Lake is, truly, the gem of bass fishing waters.
  • Crescent Lake:  One particular ‘oddity’ about Crescent, which is sure to make the structure-oriented bass fishermen sit up and take notice, is the excellent drop-off that runs parallel to the shoreline for nearly the entire circumference of the lake.
  • Along Florida’s St. Johns River - Lake George:  As with most Florida lakes and rivers, Lake George has a number of very specific `personal’ traits and characteristics which give it a distinctiveness all its own.
  • Señor and Señorita Bass:  I was recently fortunate to fish for bass in Mexico. Many anglers read of the great bass fishing 'South of the Border', but usually wind up thinking that it must be a sales pitch. "No fishing could be that good!" they think. Well, they should think again. For me, it was extremely exciting and successful.
  • ST. JOHNS RIVER--FLORIDA'S BASS FACTORY:  This is Part 1 of the St. Johns River trilogy
  • 'THE ST. JOHNS RIVER RESTORATION PROJECT –'SAVING A FRIEND':  This is Part 2 of the St. Johns River trilogy
  • THE ST. JOHNS RIVER RESTORATION PROJECT - FLORIDA'S BEST FISHERY ??:  This is Part 3 of the St. Johns River trilogy
  • FLORDIA FRESHWATER FISHING TOUR: The Kissimmee River:  While Lake Kissimmee gets all the attention, the river of that name (and which gives birth to the great lake) often goes unnoticed. There are many great fishing adventures along the famous Kissimmee River.
  • FLORDIA FRESHWATER FISHING TOUR: Lake Orange & Lochloosa:  For as long as anglers have been traveling to Florida waters, the names of Lakes Orange and Lochloosa have been synonymous with great fishing experiences. Considered by many as the best trophy bass locations in the state, these two bodies of water are very similar, yet have their own individual personalities.
  • Lake Okeechobee & its "Grassy Bass':  The shallow, weed-choked natural lakes of the Sunshine State have long presented a frustration in bass fishing for many anglers. Relatively few have mastered the techniques of logically isolating potentially productive water when faced with miles of similar-looking cover.

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