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    I received this email recently. It reminds me that we can never stress safety enough. Ms. Brevaldo's pain in losing her brother is only a split second away from any one of us. Accidents usually happen when we least expect it and in the twinkling of an eye.
    I thought this was too good not to pass on, whether it pertained to fishing or not. You'll like it and it will remind you of someone in your life.
    Down at the lower right of our Home Page, you will find our Great Truths of Fishing. #4 is "Momma always said to 'be safe' ". Lately, that hasn't been the case.
    A heart warming story about a friend of Jim Porter. You got to read this story, it will change how you look at life.
  • David Conquers Goliath
    He's 4-1/2 years old and weighs in at a fairly light 35, or so, pounds. And, Andrew Morrissette recently accomplished what most grown-up anglers have never done - he landed a 9-pound largemouth bass. On top of that, he got his trophy from a northeastern State where bass of that size are extremely rare.
  • In the boat with Larry Larsen
    After a day in the bass boat with Larry Larsen, we discovered just how much more there is to this accomplished journalist and how well the 'writer' title fits.
  • Just shows that fishing keeps you young and experience gets the BIG 'UNS'.
    John Schweickert took this genuine GIANT bass on Florida's Kingsley Lake recently.
  • BAR-B-QUE IS REALLY A RELIGION!!   This is an extract from Jim's Recipe Book.
  • Bass fishing during the spawn: If you want to start a long and heated argument among a group of bass anglers, simply ask if fishing should be prohibited during the spawning season. Carry the question a step further in level of detail and ask if organized tournament fishing should be banned during the period. While logic and emotion might tend to make most respondents reply positively to both queries, formal studies indicate that fishing during the spawn, even if specifically for trophies, does not appear to harm the Florida bass populations.
  • The latest Satellite Imagery of Florida
  • Memories of Youth:  This is an extract from something I wrote awhile back. I'll bet this fits most every fisherman and hunter as he/she recalls some precious memory of the past. It is the sort of memory you find in a secret nook in your brain during an afternoon blizzard.
  • The Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack:  Check out this great cartoon about ice fishing shacks.
  • Electric Fish Cleaning:  From the deep, dusty, dark archives of the "Lazy Angler's Guide To Easier Fishin" comes the following tidbit to save your fingers, save your time, save your energy, and save on your clean-up efforts. It might even go a way towards saving your marriage if you happen to have a spouse who, for some strange reason, dislikes fish scales and other leavings all over a nice, clean kitchen. For of you who belong to the SOCIETY OF THE FILLET KNIFE, you must bear with those of us who are dedicated to doing the least amount of work possible.
  • Momma always said to be safe:  She told us things like "Look both ways before crossing that street, James"; "Don't go out into the cold air with wet hair, James"; "You be careful and don't fall out of that tree, James"; "Razor blades are sharp - be careful, James"; "You gotta learn to swim before you can go out in that boat, James". And, we gradually found out she was usually right. I fell out of more than one tree and cut my fingers a number of times. Then, at some point, Momma's words finally started to echo those warnings in my head BEFORE I did something dumb. I have now made it to my 58th summer, mostly thanks to Momma.
  • ME AND BUDDY'S BADDDDD DAY:  Yes, Virginia, there IS a Buddy and some of him resides in all of us. I won't divulge his name or location, in that he might try to pass some of his 'good fortunes off on me in return. Not to upstage your recent hard luck story, I tell you another true one. Buddy and I had a day something like that once. This is an honest-to-gosh real story and it could have ONLY happened to Buddy and me.
  • Jim Clues You In On the Fantastic Stick Marsh Crappie Spawn:  I have fished Weiss Lake in Alabama and Lake Okeechobee in Florida extensively for crappie. Both a superior crappie-producing 'factories'; that is for sure. But, the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 impoundment often puts them both to shame.
  • Catfishing can be fun, as well as providing excellent table fare!!!:  If you have ever spent much time chasing old Mr. Whiskers, the catfish, you probably recall how many of your fishing buddies often said that night was the best time to go after big cats. I know that I have heard it all my life, but I am just to lazy to spend my sleeping time chasing fish. Lord knows, I spend enough of my waking hours doing it!! Besides, I am like those birds - I roost at night.
  • A great guide trip experience:  First off, Don is 83 years old. He and Lor live on a mountaintop overlooking Las Vegas. Don has decided that there were many things he had planned to do over his lifetime, but never got around to experiencing. So, in this period of declining health, he and Lor made a list of those missed experiences and set out to 'make up the time'. Don told me he had never caught a bass over 2 pounds and that his goal was to catch a 'big one'. Lor, with a purse full of cameras, was going to record it.
  • Avoid Cheap Boat Trailers:  Right off the bat, take a look at the accompanying photos. This trailer collapsed on the ramp. Thank goodness it did not come apart on the Interstate at 70 MPH.
  • You might be a fisherman if:  The following traits of a dedicated angler were complied from years of wasted childhood and adult life spent chasing little green fish.
  • The Fisherman's Dictionary :  A guide on how to tell fish from fishermen
  • I shoulda' stayed home :  Jim Porter tells a story about bass fishing
  • The Outlook for the 1990's :  Jim reviews his predictions for fishing in the 1990's.
  • SAY, WHAT?? :  As usual, me and Buddy went to the Basser's club meeting last Wednesday down at Jake's Mobile station (hold it out in the car wash bay). After all the shoutin', cussin' and lyin' (if you belongs to a Basser club, you know jest what I'm sayin' here), four of us old-timers settled down to our regular 'after-the-meeting' 2 hour penny-ante poker game.
  • FISHING THEORIES: FACTS OR FABLES??? :  First off, since we have never sat down and talked to the fish and asked some questions, most fishing 'theories' are just that -- theories. A lot of what we read and hear comes from a writer or people who just repeat what someone told them. That's hearsay. May be good data - may be trash.
  • What Southern Folks Know
  • Murphy's Law for fishermen
  • Making your Fishing Boat Safe:  It is a fact that accidents happen quickly, without warning and you usually have no time whatever to react. That is the usual way that it works. And, they don't always happen to the other guy.
  • Take a Kid Fishin':  The absolute best way to gain that attention of a child towards fishing is to take them on a series of short outings when conditions are comfortable.
  • Reading the Weather:  Like learning to find and catch fish, the ability to predict weather with some degree of accuracy is a learned, or acquired, skill. Some of it comes from listening to the weather forecasters and then watching the weather maps being played out on the television.
  • Bass Species:  Biologists generally recognize six other bass species: the, smallmouth, spotted, Roanoke, shoal, redeye and Suwannee basses. In addition, the largemouth bass can be separated into three subspecies or genetic races and mixtures of both.
  • Two key traits of a successful Angler:  There are two words which separate 'successful' tournament anglers from the 'other' tournament anglers. Those are 'efficient' and 'deliberate'.
  • A Reminder:  Our gentle sport of fishing can often be hazardous, especially if we forget the little things.
  • An Empty Soap Box:  Someone referred to me by the 'handle' The Right Reverend Porter. Assume it was in good faith. But, it reminded me of the empty soap box.
  • Buddy's Lure Business:  Buddy says he's got this great idea for a lure. Gonna corner the market, drive them tournament catches sky high, not to mention his bank account.
  • What kind of deal is this?:  The further adventures of me and Buddy
  • Buddy and the Possum:  The further adventures of me and Buddy
  • Memories:  The dusty tackle box had been under the work bench for a very long time. somehow, this old weekend partner had been relegated to being the repository of the myriad of odds and ends fishermen seem to save for a rainy day. Such was the weather that Saturday afternoon when I convinced myself to finally clean out the garage.
  • The Southern Freshwater Fishing Column (Introduction):  The people who are most successful at the sport are nearly ALWAYS the ones who put the MOST into it. You can be as good as anyone at fishing, If you are willing to put the required time and effort into it.
  • The passing of Auntie Maybelle:  In memory of the passing of that American icon, Auntie Maybelle, Mr. Softy and I wanted to share some final thoughts about her contributions. Life goes on (but, then, so do taxes).
  • Born Again!! The phenomenon of Lake Draw Down:  For the creature, Man, those answers may lie in the cold and misty realm of the Twilight Zone. But, for your favorite fishing lake, the fabled Fountain DOES exist and it DOES work. Time CAN be stopped and the subject returned to the days of its youth. This Fountain of Youth is real and it dwells in a package marked "Draw-down".
  • Death of a Lake:  For one and all, the headlines were the same: "Louisa Was A Dead Lake!" The article continued, "State biologists, conducting a survey of the remains of Lake Louisa and the area below the dam site, have concluded that there was no significant fish, or other aquatic life, in the lake at the time of the collapse of the dam.
  • The Fables and Facts of fishing:  During the course of this writing, we're going to explore some of these bassin' 'fables' and try and relate them to bassin' 'facts.' My job is to express this exploration in a reasonably coherent manner. YOUR job is to read with an open mind and, THEN form your own opinions.

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