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  • The Soft Fluke Jerkbait – A Fishing Phenomenon :  We have tried just about all the fluke-style lures. Most catch fish well, once the angler solves a few of his angler-to-lure interface problems. But, we have never found one we considered to have all the possible positive attributes that could be designed into it. So, we did our research and came up with our own fluke-type lure – the ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ – our newest addition to the ‘PERFECT’ family of lures.
  • The Swimming Worm King:  Over the three years, these two fishing partners have caught a lot of fish on the Swimming Worm and, from time to time, they tell me about it. One memorable story was about taking grandkids to the lakes. Seems like every time they cast to this one tree, they caught a fish.
  • The Pros and Cons of Circle Hooks:  Probably the best innovation to come along in preserving fish and insuring they live when released is the circle hook. The picture I attached shows you a sample. I was skeptical as heck of this concept UNTIL I TRIED IT. It will blow your mind.
  • Soft Plastics and Grass:  We fish grass a LOT in Florida and the Stick Marsh has its share, too. At times, we find it difficult to get bass along the outer edges of the grass and we have to go into it.
  • Selecting the correct spinner bait:  It is a firm rule of bass fishing that the depth (closely followed by the speed) at which a lure operates is the primary criteria for proper selection. I doubt anyone would contest the selection of a shallow crank plug to fish a submerged rock pile 20 feet below the surface as being improper. And, yet, we do not seem to pay that same 'attention to detail' to the selection of one of our most popular artificial offerings, the spinner bait.
  • Good Vibrations:  Most anglers define a crank bait as a plug with a lip in its nose that makes it dive and wiggle side-to-side. Such lures are often retrieved steadily, and they do fool a lot of fish. The vibrating crank bait is different, yet still much the same. It has no separate 'lip' to make it dive and wiggle enticingly. Instead, its forward-facing body surface (that which 'attacks' the water) is flat and, when pulled through the water, boasts a snappy action side-to-side vibrating action. The flat body surface also provides just enough downwards drag to keep the lure running below the surface on a fast retrieve.
  • Eliminating snags with the Carolina Rig:  If you really want the optimum Carolina rig sinker, you need to know that you've had access to it all the time. Sort like Dorothy and her 'go home' shoes in the Wizard of Oz.
  • What you need to know about the SWIMMING WORM:  Well, I probably would have said that 26 years ago, before I saw the Swimming Worm doing its thing. Today, however, I would call it one of the most beautiful (for a fisherman's perspective) lures I know of. The Swimming Worm is not an Infomercial gimmick. The Swimming Worm is also NOT a 'magic lure'. There has never been one of those and never will be. It can hang out there on the end of that rod forever and it ain't gonna catch nuthin'.
  • The Best Crank Bait EVER?:  There are those lures, though, that have stood the test of time and fish. They are a part of the legacy of this sport we call bass fishing. The original Arbogast Jitterbug and Hula Popper are still big fish-catchers and they have been with us a LONG time. The first lure I ever bought with my paper route money was a frog-finish Hula Popper. That was so many years ago, it is scary to think about it.
  • 'HOT LURES' or Just 'A FLASH IN THE PAN':  We all see the claims in those 3:30 AM television 'Infomercials', assuming we can't sleep, or are just getting in from a night fishing trip. Most of us realize these hype shows are just that - hype. On one of them, it took 3 days to catch enough fish to make it look like they were coming over the side of the boat, one after the other. But, we sure would LIKE to believe them. We'd all like to find that fabled 'magic' lure, wouldn't we?
  • Bass Fishing's 'Secret Weapon':  There are a lot of bass fishing lures out there on the market. And, most have caught fish at one time or the other. But, we must ALWAYS remember the Prime Directive: "Fishing lures are made to catch fishermen first and fish second." The explanation is really quite simple, as well. 'FISH HAVE NO POCKETS AND, THEREFORE, CANNOT CARRY THEIR MONEY AROUND. FISHERMEN DO HAVE POCKETS AND USUALLY HAVE MONEY FOR 'MAGIC' LURES, AND SUCH. LURE MANUFACTURER'S REQUIRE MONEY TO STAY IN BUSINESS.'
  • The Best Knot Ever:  You see all kinds of knots. They are a bit like fishing lures - each has a specific application and must be carefully chosen for the need.
  • Deep Cranking:  Crank plugs - boy, I like to burn those lures and feel a big old bass slam into it! The harder I crank, the harder he seems to hit it, too.
  • On Top is more FUN:  If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing a giant bass totally bent on destroying a topwater lure, you already know the excitement and adrenaline rush it generates. If you haven't experienced this, just let me assure you that it is the most exciting, nerve-wracking fishing you will ever do. It becomes totally addictive to some people.
  • The Art of "NOTHING":  'Nothing' fishing is not a lure. It is really more of a tactic, or method of presentation. There are a lot of lures that lend themselves to the 'nothing' approach. The most versatile are soft plastics, but topwater lures and some crank plugs can also be used.
  • The Lowly Hook:  The reel holds the line and supplies retrieval torque; the rod gives us control; the line provides the link; and, the hook is our physical contact with the bass. Now, which is the most important?
  • Are the Super Lines for You?:  'Super line' is a term applied to the newer family of fishing lines made from SPECTRA and it's new generation offspring, Micron-Dyneema.
  • Small is sometimes better:  Tackle selection for the smaller lures in much more important than if one were using the heavier baits. Small lures can be hard to cast and present properly to the target.
  • Summer Buzz Bait Action for Bass:  The buzz bait could almost be considered an idiot-proof lure. All one has to do is toss it out and reel it back. There is virtually no learned skill required and that makes it a perfect lure for newcomers and children.
  • The Simplest Worm Rig:  You name the time of years, time of day, and conditions and the plastic worm will take bass. The only problem with the lure is that it is one of the most difficult to master.
  • The Magnificent 7 - Basic Lures:  Possibly, we should assess the situation and take truthful stock of just what in our individual collections is really productive and necessary.
  • Catfish Baits that Don't Stink!!:  There is an old tale that says catfish only eat dead things off the bottom. While they will do that, their favorite foods actually seem to be live minnows and other small fish.
  • The Swimming Worm:  The Swimming Worm rig is the easiest way to fish a plastic worm that exists. One simply casts it out and reels it back.
  • "A good HOOK-SET is often th difference between a 'CATCH' and just another 'BITE'.” :  The second most-asked question about worm fishing is "When do I set the hook?"
  • THE SLIDER - A SPECIAL LURE AND A SPECIAL MAN:  Each of us, sometime in our lives, meets someone who we totally admire. Charlie Brewer is one of those type people. When you and I are long gone from this world, they may speak of him as one who was far ahead of his time.
  • Evaluation of the 'FLYING LURE', w/ recomendations:  The lure will, in fact, 'back up' as it falls. That was its primary hype. The ads said you could toss it to the edge of say a boat dock and the jig would glide backwards up under the dock.
  • Cranky Fisherman:  If you want to significantly improve you bass fishing success, you simply must learn to properly select and present a diving crank plug.
  • Some things are a real DRAG:  Be honest and try to remember when you really gave a lot of thought about the drag on your reels.
  • Dry Lures catch few fish:  The majority of us have precious little fishing time, being confined to available weekends and an occasional holiday on the water. Surely, one would think, we would strive to make the most of those too-short hours.
  • 'The Forgotten Lure':  The first lure most new bass anglers learn to use is the diving, lipped crank plug. While the plastic worm and the jig take some getting used to, the crank plug is pretty simple-- cast, retrieve; cast, retrieve.
  • The Ultimate Crappie Lure:  Unlike many other artificial lures, the jig is not seasonal and normally produces year-round. The location it is fished and the manner of presentation vary according to the time of year, but the lure, itself, is consistent.
  • 'Grubby Bass':  The quickest way to get a limit of bass is through the proper presentation of the two-inch plastic grub."
  • It's Shiner Time:  The cool, crisp weather of Florida's Winter and early Spring means one thing to the Sunshine State's bass anglers--`Hey, guys. It's trophy time!!!'

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