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Swimming Worm Questions


I had ordered some of your swimming worms in purple. (just got them today) Well being a typical male fisherman I decided I need some "motor oil" ones too. I also want to get your guide to these worms along with the sample one. I have to learn to rig these so I can rig my favorite colors on it. Have anymore tournament secrets for sale??????? :)

Let me know a total for the two things I mentioned above and I will PayPal you.

Thanks again,
Patrick in Alabama

Dear Patrick:

$1,337,336.57 57 is the going price. BUT, since I lived in Huntsville for 12 years and have been hung on EVERY stump in the TVA lakes at least twice, I will make an exception for a fellow Alabamian (or, whatever the dang spelling is).

I send out so many of these worms that I don't recall for sure the sample. But, I expect it was a Swimming Worm II in the Pumpkinseed with fleck. That is my favorite in both the basic SW and the SW II. I can't say why, but they always seem to work. So, that's a good reason. If you ever hear someone say they are catching bass on a floating worm, you can bet that you will catch 10X as many on the swimming worm rig. It is a dumb-looking lure to some folks. But, the slow, teasing action is pure hell to a bass. He just can't let it go. I have seen smallmouths in gin clear water come from 30 feet down like a rocket to nail it. And, with all those little hooks, they never get off (unless you get excited and try to horse them in).

Let me recommend the Pumpkinseed. It just seems to always do well. With the basic swimming worm, I really don't care if the action is a strong corkscrew effect or it just moves straight through the water. They just get it. I think that slow movement is too easy to catch for them to resist. Of course, like any lure, it has to be fished until the user has the proper 'feel' for it. Otherwise, he makes 6-8 casts and changes lures. Changing lures can be a real mistake. The object is to draw strikes, not catch fish. Once you are drawing strikes, the fish just get in line and come to you.

You really can't rig other worms on the hook rig of the worm I sell. It just doesn't work. BUT, I am attaching a picture of the hand-made rig I based this manufactured lure on and you can tie your own. The swimming worm booklet on my web site gives very detailed data. But, you should be able to see from the picture. Two each #1/0 (or so) hooks tied in tandem and rigged to make the worm corkscrew.

Work with the lure, follow the instruction sheet with it and it will come alive for you. You can even make your own rigs (how is that for a sales pitch!!). The real key is to work with the lure around cover and objects until you get it going. Then, you will be more hooked than the fish! I guarantee it.

My SW booklet has photos that shows how to hand-tie the original SW, as well as very detailed instructions on fishing it. Check the Outdoor Store on my web site.

Good luck.

Jim P.

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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