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Three Catfish Questions

Dear Jim,

Hi my name is Alberto and I live in Denver metro area, and just a few miles from my home i have this reservoir about 80 acres, and I was looking for smallmouth bass, but I found a Channel catfish, first, smallies, then about 2 days ago, i have a big fight with this cat, I set hook very well and i bring it to the shore, but, the problem was the weeds from the shore, the cat get stocked in there, and when i try to grab his mouth he go back strong and snap my line, oh men! I calculate what his mouth was around 4 or 5 inches long, So, i have 3 questions for you, i hope you have time for that!

First.... How big do you think the fish was, his mouth around 4 or 5 inches.
Second.... Do you think I could find it in the same spot, I mean how long those fish stay in the same place or around?
And Third.... How long is the right time to stay in the same spot waiting for the cat bite, or i should "chumming" that spot.

Please, it's will be great if you can help me!

Thanks and have a good fishing you're friend Alberto Lujan.


Losing a big fish is all a part of fishing. I have lot a lot of them, too, so don't feel bad about it. You might consider having a long handled landing net with you next time.

First.... how big do you think the fish was, his mouth around 4 or 5 inches.

Well, if the mouth was 4-5 inches wide, he was probably 5-8 lbs. However, it really depends on the type of catfish it was. Channel cats have a small narrow head. Most others have a wide flat head.

Second.... Do you think i could find it in the same spot, i mean how long those fish stay in the same place or around?

Chances are good that the fish uses the area for feeding or as a 'home' area. So, the chances are good that he may well pass by the same place again. If there is some rock, gravel or a good drop-off there, it may be the place he likes to stay most of the time.

And Third.... How long is the right time to stay in the same spot waiting for the cat bite, or I should "chumming" that spot.

No one knows how long it might take. But, remember, the cat you lost is not the only one in the lake. There are probably a lot of them. If it is a good location for catfish, you should catch some reasonably quickly. Chumming is a great idea and works well with catfish. Just be sure there is no law against it in your state. Cans of cat food, with holes punched in them, make good chum. Cheese is also good, as are chicken livers. Put he chum in an old nylon stocking and tie it shut. Tie a strong length of cord onto the chum bag so you can retrieve it when you want to move to another location or stop for the day.

Good luck.

Jim P.



So, after read you're e-mail about 10:45 am, i went to the same lake, same spot, and let me tell you, after i throw my bait into the water, just 15 minutes later guess what?

I put in my rod a small bell, to let me know when a get strike, well, rod and bell hit the water together, i have to run to get that rod on my hands and i feel something heavy, oh men was exciting!!!! i have to tell you, that fish fight like a crazy! But this time i have my small net with me, so i bring it to the shore "in slow motion" then i put the net on his face and he just go inside and stay quiet, i lift his body with the tail out of the net!!! 29 inches long! is the biggest fish i never catch before! and almost ( like you said ) 8 pounds!! he was not the same what i lost, but what a hell ! , i got that nice fish landed finally! And that thank's to you're wise advice, Thank you Thank you!!!!! I will send you that picture a.s.a.p. And i have one more question for you.... ( for the next cat.. ) which is the best way to kill those cats with out pain????

Thank's again!!!!!!!!!
You're friend Albert Lujan.


VERY good!! Congratulations on a big one. Email me a picture and I will put it on the web site.

The best way I know of to kill the catfish, as well as any fish, quickly is by a sharp rap to the head with something heavy.

Jim P.

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