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Jim Porter Introduces the Revolutionary 'PLANING BULLET'!!!

Awkward, clumsy planing boards are now OBSOLETE!! The 'PLANING BULLET' sends them packing!

Clumsy, awkward, bulky, cumbersome planing boards are now totally OBSOLETE! The new "PLANING BULLET' is a remarkable invention that provides the angler complete and total control in the precise placement of live bait and small artificial lures, such as jigs, soft plastics and shallow-running plugs. The theory of operation and design of the device are discussed in detail later on this page.

Live shiners, or the like, can be precisely slow-trolled out AWAY from the boat (to keep from spooking the fish) and guided right along a grass line, shore area, or in-and-around stumps and grass beds. The 'PLANING BULLET", being small and compact, also functions as a bobber to indicate strikes and fish-on situations.

The giant Stick Marsh crappie we found inhabiting shallow water shell beds on submerged levees would spook if we got the boat too close. With the 'PLANING BULLET', we are able to slow troll minnows or the PERFECT Crappie Jig precisely along the top of the levees for any distance we like, while holding the boat 15-25 feet off the levee top.

In the smallmouth and spotted bass habitats of our North Carolina fishing grounds, the small size 'PLANING BULLET' proves perfect for finesse Float-N-Fly presentations, with the ability to totally control the positioning of the presentation and move the rig precisely along shorelines and breaks, while holding the boat well out from the presentation area.

In small flowing rivers and streams, such as the North Carolina’s Little Tennessee River, we could anchor our canoe and fish the RIPPIN’ Stick soft jerk bait, or live bait directly downstream from the boat. Using the ‘PLANING BULLET’, we were able to present the lure or bait from one shoreline to the other simply by controlling the direction of planing action.

While fishing from shore, the ‘PLANING BULLET’ allows the angler to cast out his bait or lure and completely control the direction of his retrieve. By alternating the planing direction of the ‘PLANING BULLET’, the angler is able to guide his retrieve around obstructions, such as stumps and grass, while allowing the lure to come close to the fish-holding cover.

The 'PLANING BULLET' is easy to use and is bi-directional. That is, it will plane the lure or live bait either right or left, as you like. All you have to do is flip your line to turn the device to plane the opposite direction. Plus, it function as a bobber for strike indications, when moving or when stopped.

So, get rid of the out-of-date, bulky planing boards and go modern. You will be able to precisely control your retrieve for utmost lure/bait positioning, as well as to prevent snags. It’s almost like remote control!!

The ‘PLANING BULLET’ comes in four (4) sizes to allow complete control and positioning of a wide variety of lure/live bait sizes.

----2-inch (small), lure ranges of 1/32 to 3/32 oz; crappie minnow and live crayfish
----2.5-inch (medium), lure ranges of 1/16th to 3/16th oz; 2 to 4 inch live bait
----3-inch (large), lure ranges of 1/8 to 3/8 oz; 4 to 6-inch live bait
----4-inch (X-large), lure ranges of ¼ to ½ oz; 5 to 8-inch live bait

The 'PLANING BULLET's' design concept involves a steamlined oval shape which has built-in fins on at 90 degree intervals along its longitudinal axis. The fins provide the friction/resistance surface against the water. Looking at the accompanying picture, you will note that the line passes through the body of the device at a very specifically designed angle. That angle causes the pull on the 'PLANNING BULLET's' body to be off-center and actually drives the surface of the built-in fins against the water. The water's resistance to the angular fins then causes the device to 'plane' at an angle to either the right or left, depending on the attitude of the device.

The 'PLANING BULLET' was cleverly designed to allow the angler to have total control of the attitude of the device at all times. This is accomplished by the angler with a simple flick of the wrist. In the accompanying illustration, you will note that the planing direction of the device can be changed by a soft wrist snap or a short, sharp tug on the line. With just a bit of practice, the angler develops the ability to easily change the planing direction of the 'PLANING BULLET' at will, guiding the attached lure or bait where ever he/she desires. Total control with the ability to present the lure/bait and cover the water completely, from left to right -- that's hard to beat!!

This third illustration provides a more detailed look at the 'PLANING BULLET's' features and rigging. It also allows you to visualize more completely how the device operates. Note that a glow stick is available to allow device location identification when night fishing. Also shown is the plug (a number are provided with each 'PLANING BULLET') that locks the line in place where it passes through the device. Note, as well, that the 'PLANING BULLET' has a rounded tip on its front to both identify the proper rigging direction and to streamline the flow of water over the nose of the device. Likewise, the rear of the device has an identifying flat tip.

So, no more big old planing boards that are a pain to operate and store. no more lines getting tangled or coming loose from planing boards. Now, the angler can very precisely position his lure/bait anywhere he/she desires and keep it there. The lure/bait is out from the boat's path and fish will not be spooked, no matter how shallow the water. Imagine being able to run the lure/bait with ease right along a grass line or pad field or line of stumps, or even a shoreline. 'CONTROL' and 'PRESENTATION' --- that's the name of the game and the 'PLANING BULLET' provides both.

As this is a new production item and demand is high, the available stocks of the PLANING BULLET are a bit limited. I have sufficient stocks right now. But, they sell fast, especially to repeat buyer who are finding how easy the PLANING BULLET is to use. So, we only offer the PLANING BULLET by direct contact between the Buyer and myself to assure we have the stocks to support the order. Prices are as below (refer to sizing and use descriptions earlier on this page). Shipping charges will be determined based on order quantities (as well as the latest USPS rate increases!).

----2-inch (small) ------- $1.95
----2.5-inch (medium) ---- $2.50
----3-inch (large), ------ $3.25
----4-inch (X-large) ----- $4.95


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      Jim Porter
      712 Hunan St NE
      Palm Bay, FL 32907

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