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THE BEST BASS LURE COLOR EVER?!? ‘Green Pumpkin Pepper Lite’ - Sounds like a weird dessert, or something. But, it actually is a combination of color and fleck blended together for our newest SWIMMING WORM AND DROPSHOT JOE offerings.

Like all fishermen, we are constantly experimenting with lure colors, particularly in soft plastics. Someday, we may find that ‘magic lure’ we have always searched for. Until then, we will just take what seems to work best for the various conditions and locations.

Take a look at the accompanying photo. We took the standard Green Pumpkin Pepper color we had been experimenting with, made it a touch brighter, and added just a bit of red and blue fleck to go with the black ‘pepper’ fleck already in the basic color. This gave us a unique color we call ‘Green Pepper Pumpkin Lite’.

Our new ‘Green Pumpkin Pepper Lite’ SWIMMING WORM sure looks good to me and I guess the bass think so, too.! It has made some unreal catches over the past six months, from Florida to Vermont’s Lake Champlain. In fact, for clear to slightly stained waters, I believe it to be the best color we offer.

We also applied the new ‘Green Pumpkin Pepper Lite’ color to our DROP-SHOT JOE lure. Nope, we didn’t change anything about our fish-catching pre-rigged drop-shot lure. But, we did develop a new color combination to the little finesse worm. And, if our recent success rate is any indicator, this is ABSOLUTELY the BEST color we could have chosen.

Take a look at the accompanying photo, again. We took the Green Pumpkin Pepper color we had been experimenting with for our popular SWIMMING WORM series and made it just a shade lighter and brighter to show up better in deep, clear water. Then, we added the same red and blue fleck to go with the black ‘pepper’ fleck already in the basic color. Finally, we added the coup-de-grace – a touch of pure chartreuse to the tip of the little fellow’s tail.

Nothing seems to be able to pass this color combination up! We have caught smallmouths, largemouths, Kentucky bass, redeyed rock bass, bluegills, rainbow trout and even brown trout on this prototype DROP-SHOT JOE. I know the small size of the lure is a positive factor, as are the two embedded hooks which assure a hookup on every strike. But, it appears that this new color is certainly attractive to fish. It may well replace all other colors.

How about this deal? I KNOW you will catch fish with the new 'GREEN PUMPKIN PEPPER LITE'. So much so that, if you aren’t satisfied with the ‘Green Pumpkin Pepper Lite’, I will swap it for any of my other colors, plus throw in a free lure.

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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