The perfect jerk bait is a bass lure ideal for all fishermen wanting to use a jerk bait.
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perfect jerk bait

Last spring, we tested a number of lure variations for application as alternatives to soft plastic jerk baits that had to be rigged by hand. The basic plastic jerk baits would slip down on the hook, tear and constantly had to be re-rigged. Exposing that hook kept us catching a lot of grass, instead of bass. In addition to having only one hook and with it buried Texas-style in the basic soft plastic jerk bait body, many anglers had trouble setting the hook on the big Stick Marsh bass.

So, we went looking for that 'better mouse trap'.

The lure we have named the 'PERFECT JERK' was the result of our search and testing. It worked very well and was easily used by even novice anglers. In fact, since it casts so easily, hooks anything that strikes it, and requires vitually no angler-imparted action to be effective, the PERFECT JERK is ideal for children and those with physical impairments:
  • Nearly every strike resulted in a solid hook-up.
  • The lure is tough and the hooks large, strong and sharp.
  • Casts like a bullet. Winds affect it very little.
  • Because it cannot be thrown off the hook like a Texas-rigged version (remember, the two hooks are embedded in the lure body!), the lure is good for multiple fish before needing replacement. (If it does get torn, a drop of PRO's Soft~Bait Glue fixes it right up!)
  • It is the best lure we have ever used for surface schooling bass; get the cast close to the breaker and you get a fish every time!
  • The weedless version is great tossed into holes in the grass and allowed to simply sink on a slack line (a la our famous RIPPIN' Stick soft jerk bait), or on a Carolina-Rig; the hook-up rate is not affected by the weedguards. The weedguards are easily removes with a pliers or sidecutters, if not wanted.
  • Has a life-like gentle tail flutter when sinking, which also imparts a variable side-to-side swimming motion.
  • When rigged with a medium-sized swivel 2-3 feet above the lure, the sink rate is almost identical to our famous RIPPIN' Stick soft sinking jerk bait.
  • We worked with four basic colors and all seemed to work fine; we settled on one color, Gizzard Shad (two shades of gray). It exactly duplicates a gizzard or threadfin shad (is also a close match to a blue-back herring). This single color always seems to catch more and larger bass.
We acquired a big order of these great pre-rigged jerk baits for our guide service in Florida, for use both as
jerk baits and Carolina-Rig applications.

BUT, in order to get a decent price break, we really had to acquire a BIG order!! So big, in fact, that we will probably never be able to use them all. Even supplying previous clients who got to use in the Spring test period, we will still have a ton of these lures.

So, we offer them to you, too.

The 'PERFECT JERK' is just what the name implies - it is a nearly perfect soft plastic lure for use as a jerk bait, or on a Carolina-Rig. It is easy to use and highly effective. Like our famous Swimming Worm, it is really great for children, the physically impaired, and the newcomer to fishing and provided them the opportunity to be successful.

'PERFECT JERK' is provided in packages of 4 lures for $7.00, 6 lures for $10.25, or 8 lures for $12.50, plus a one-time $2.75 S&H charge regardless of quantity ordered.

'As usual, Jim's guarantee applies. If these lures are not everything we say, simply return the unused ones for an immediate refund.'


We can now take your credit card over the phone, or by direct email. Just call us at 321-951-7841 and give us your order and card data, or email it to

There is a $2.75 SHIPPING CHARGE PER ORDER. This is handled by the PayPal system. (The shipping charge is handled automatically) There are NO additional shipping charges for orders of multiple quantities of the 'PERFECT JERK'.

Florida Residents will be charged 6% sales tax. (The Florida Sales Tax is handled automatically.)

Choose ONE of the quanties listed below for your order and select the desired style.

If you want to mix styles (weedless and non-weedless on your order, select Mixed Styles in the Styles option. (Remember, the weedless style can easily be converted by removing the weedguards. So, it can do 'double-duty for you.) Also be sure to indicate the styles desired and the number of baits per style in the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS' block when you check out!!!




Official PayPal Seal Payment by credit cards are now being accepted ON-LINE. We are using a service provided by Pay-Pal, as well as call-in service..

To make a payment with a credit card, Call us direct at 321-427-8295 for the fastest service; or, just click on the Mastercard/Visa graphic next to the desired package, and follow the instructions.


Jim Porter
712 Hunan St NE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Questions: 321-427-8295, or email to

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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