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Fishin' Tipster Takes A Look At

Topographical Map of Lake Huites, Mexico

Topographical Map of Lake Huites, Mexico
by Dos Amigos Mexican Lake Maps

Having been on some of Mexico's fine bass fishing lakes, I was amazed at just how good they were. The fishing is awesome, to say the least. BUT, it could have been even better for structure-oriented anglers - IF there were topo maps available. Many of the reservoirs flooded a lot of countryside, whole cities, and many roads in their formation processes. The amount of structure beneath the waters is phenomenal. The number of submerged feeder creek channels, in itself, is staggering.

On my last trip, I took a portable depth finder and rigged a transducer holder that mounted on the side of the boat. The results were spectacular, as we were able to effectively fish areas that had never had a lure tossed upon them. But, if a topo map had been available, the search times for structure would have been cut 90% and we would have had more time for actual fishing.

When Harry 'Pitch' Pitchford emailed me asking if I would evaluate his electronic topo map of Mexico's famous Lake Huites, I really sat up and took notice.

Pitch indicated that the available Mexico topo maps were not as detailed as he would have liked and that the contours were spaced at 20-meter (approx. 63 feet) intervals, rather than the customary 10 feet. My initial thought was that the contour difference was not a big issue, and I was right. The map definition was excellent.

The first thing to do with any CD-ROM is to download it to your hard drive. That makes it operate better. The map data uses Acrobat Reader, which is included on the disk. So, the CD is fully self-contained.

I downloaded the Huites map CD and went exploring.

The top-level map is a large section of Mexico, with the lake generally centered within it. This allows the User to explore the lake, as well as the upper and lower river sections. The map is then divided in smaller sections (grids, if you will) identified with Alpha characters (A, B, C ---etc.). There is a Directory of the sections (aptly titled MAPSECTIONS), wherein you may open each section separately. There is a picture guide to these sections called the Map Index File on the CD. The Map Index File has the Alpha characters superimposed over the map, so the User can identify what each section covers.

TIP: I found that printing the Map Index file gave a quick hardcopy reference to locating specific sections on the map.

On the Lake Huites map, Section Q covers the center section of the reservoir, including numerous channels and major structure features. Once I opened Section Q, I found it very easy to work around within the Section space. Using the 'zoom' tool contained in the Acrobat Reader program, the user can get right down to the nitty-gritty detail on the map (see the example). The example doesn't really do the CD-ROM map justice, in that the detail is really excellent. The User can zoom in and see the stump beds markings along the old river channel, as well as the definition of points, humps and feeder creek channels.

The Lake Huites topo map is the only one of the Dos Amigos Mexican Lake Maps I have reviewed. But, if it is any indication of the others in their series, they are 'winners'. Even without a depth finder, these maps can get you reasonably on structure targets. WITH a depth finder, you will be in a structure fisherman's heaven!!


Dos Amigos Mexican Lake Maps
PO Box 586
Lawton, OK 73502

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