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I sorta hate super glue products. I buy that little two-pack of tubes and use each one time. No matter how well I try to put that cap on, they dry out in a sort-short, for sure. I even tried the little bottles with the guar-an-teed, super-sealing, special-deluxe top on it. All that got me was a higher cost and more wasted super glue per container. To top that, regular super glues will not truly bond some things very well.

Well, Old Fishin' Tipster may have found a better mousetrap on this one.

Mike Rice, with Innovative Promotions, recently sent me a bottle of
'PRO'S SOFT-BAIT GLUE'. He said this was sorta like super glue, only much better. Mike claimed the product had been formulated to meet fishing needs, one of which was to be re-sealable and not dry out when left in the boat for long periods. He also stated the following as the primary uses:
  • Plastic baits bond to hooks and jig heads like a magnet. Stays permanently attached until new bait is applied or fish bites it off. Repair with one drop, squeeze together for 4-5 seconds and keep fishing. Saves time & money!
  • Flexible, soft, and durable without stiffness. NO brittleness like other glues even in below freezing temperatures. Great for ice fishing!
  • Create your own custom lures by bonding tails, bodies, trailers, tubes and grubs from different manufacturers.
The first thing I noted about Mike's product was that it was thin. Not just 'thin' - this stuff was 'thinnnnn'. It flowed real fast, a feature I found very positive. It was easy to apply and only a dab was needed for any bonding job. But, one must be careful not to spill or drip it where it doesn't belong. It flows so fast, care must be taken when initially using it. After a few times, it's no problem.

The second thing I found out was this
'PRO'S SOFT-BAIT GLUE' product is that it does exactly what it is advertised to do - bond two pieces of just about anything together. It was absolutely great at keeping soft plastic lures firmly on a hook. A Texas-rigged plastic worm had to be destroyed to get it off the hook shank. Likewise, for a plastic grub on a jighead.

Then, like a little kid with a new toy, I ran around the house fixing all those little annoyances that had accumulated. The porous rock drink coaster by my chair that I dropped on the floor and broke is now like new (well, the crack lines still show). That picture frame with the loose corner is now fine. Some floppy wallpaper edges are back in place. Dot favorite little ceramic nic-nac now has its head back on firmly. That knob on the kitchen cabinet that keeps loosening up is now 'welded' firmly in place.

Here are two real bonding extremes. I even used the stuff to put a rubber-backed chrome strip back on Richard and Patty Dunn's Buick at the Stick Marsh boat ramp. That was last November and it is still holding just fine. Then, because Mike Rice said it would do so, I cut a shiner in half and attempted to bond the halves back together. Darned if it didn't work, just like the man said it would!

Finally, the product seems to be true to its advertised resistance to drying out in the bottle. I have used about ¾ of the bottle Mike sent October 2002 and the remainder is still just fine. It does sometimes get a small clog right at the tip of the applicator tube nozzle if I don't use it for a long time, or don't keep it stored in an upright position. But, the factory package even came with a small pushpin that was to be used for clearing that.

'PRO'S SOFT-BAIT GLUE' costs a bit more than regular super glue. But, because it does not dry out and become unusable waste, it is actually about three times as economical, depending on how much regular super glue you try to use over a period of time.

Take a look at the product on If it suits your needs, great. I am sure sold on it over regular super glues.

Check back often for the latest unbiased product review!!

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