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Seems like we are always running across great new lures and the ‘TailKicker’ is sure a good one. We have to thank our good friend, Sunny Wells, for putting us on to this little jewel. Sunny also ‘put it on us’ one day catching big bass on the ‘TailKicker’, too.

Manufactured and distributed by Redneck Lure Company, New Hebron. MS., the ‘TailKicker’ at first reminds us of the original Mann’s Little George. It is just a hunk of lead with a spinner on the tail. But, ya’ know what? It doesn’t have a hook!

Without a hook, the ‘TailKicker’ doesn’t sound like much of a bass lure, does it? But, it has a feature that takes care of the hook issue, while curing the biggest problem we have with compact, heavy lures – that of the bass being able to throw the lure when he/she jumps.

The Little George, as well as most jig heads, is just so easy for a bass to snap his head and throw, many of us shy away from using them if we can. The TailKicker design overcomes that problem (see the photo) by effectively separating the hook from the lure. In the right side of the photo, we can see the line tied to a sharp treble hook. That line runs through a vertical hole in the center of the lure’s body, back to belly. When the bass goes to jump and snap his head, the heavy lure body slides up the line, while the hook usually remains firmly embedded. It really works well.

The ‘TailKicker’ is usually fished right on the bottom, using a steady retrieve or a yo-yo retrieve. One would think the lure would become hung or the hooks fouled a lot using this technique. But, if you note the design of the lure body, you will note that it is front-heavy. That causes the lure to ride in a nose-down position, with the nose contacting the bottom first. With practice, an angler familiar with this lure can tell exactly when the lure touches the bottom and can raise it up to prevent fouling. The hook, riding behind the lure body, actually never touches the bottom.

The ‘TailKicker also lends itself perfectly to presentation to surface schooling fish. It compact size allows it to be cast long distances. It has a tremendous amount of VIBRATION on retrieve and fall, also great "PARACHUTE" action on the fall. Simply toss it beyond the breakers and reel like mad with the rod tip held high. If the fish sound, the angler can work the lure at different depths with the yo-yo retrieve until he locates the school.

The ‘TailKicker’ makes an excellent vertical-jigging lure during thew colder months, especially when the shad a dying off. Sunny Wells advises to find the shad on the depthfinder and drop the ‘TailKicker’ down to a position just BELOW the school. That’s where the bass will be, picking off the dying shad that drift towards the bottom.

Remarkably, we have been able to use the ‘TailKicker’ very effectively in Florida waters. There is a bit more of a tendency to catch a weed, or two, but a sharp jerk usually clears the lure. We have used it in deeper holes, in the center of canals, and for open water schoolies.

The ‘TailKicker’ is ‘good stuff’. It is extremely versatile and it sure solves the problem of getting the lure thrown time and time again.

NOTICE: Please be advised that this is an independent evaluation and not a paid advertisement. No compensation was received and Jim Porter Outdoor Adventures does not sell the product.

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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