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If you have ever tried to get the blade on a small blade bait to start turning, you know you usually have to give it a quick jerk or a hard pull. Well, it appears COXLURES, Inc. may have solved the irritating problem.

Take a look at the photos and you can see the basic concept. They took a solid brass body and made a brass two-bladed propeller to go with it, rather than the traditions single teardrop one. The propeller rides against a small stainless steel bead just above the lure's body and has total freedom of motion. There is virtually no friction, at all. Then, COXLURES did a bit of innovative work with the blade, shaping it so that the surfaces that contact the water funnel the water down to the blade tips. At the blade tip, an angled section accepts the pressure of the water and imparts rotation. What this does it place the rotational force created by the water out on the end of the blade's 'lever arm', if you will. This assures the blade will rotate at the slighted water flow over the blade's angled tip.

We tried the lure out and found it did exactly as advertised - the blade rotates easily and freely. In fact, it appears to move so freely, that there is virtually no body twist. We would still recommend a good swivel when using the lure, but we doubt you would have many problems without one. We will sure be trying this lure on those rainbow trout in NC this coming summer!!

The lure was a bit light for our use on a baitcasting setup, so we recommend spinning tackle.

As you have probably noted, the MANGLER may be used as a substitute for small blade baits, such as the MEPPS spinners and the Shyster-types.

We found the lure made in three styles:
  1. the basic MANGLER, with just a brass body, hook and blades
  2. a skirted model called a SQUIDY MANGLER
  3. a model of the SQUIDY MANGLER (not pictured) that has a single weedless hook
The MANGLER series is certainly an interesting lure. And, it positively solves the problem of mediocre blade rotation.

For more information, visit the website at
Or, contact COXLURES, INC.
Daniel Cox - President
1135 South Concord Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
PHONE: (801) 560-6908 FAX: (801) 973-6540

or email them at

NOTE: There was no compensation for this evaluation and the manufacturer is not an advertiser of the web page. A small sample of the product was provided for evaluation.

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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