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swimming worm
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wimming Worm
No bass can resist this lure! It's not 'magic', but it's close!!

'Dry lures catch darn few fish'


Since we kicked of the availability of the Swimming Worm on our web site, I must have 50-60 email messages (and one letter) on file about its success. I am sure there will be more, and each one makes my day. I want to share a few of them with you. Two are special to me.

The little boy named Bradley, who finally got to catch some fish, is one. Teaching a child to fish has always provided my greatest reward from the fishing game. The other one is cantankerous Don Willis. Don proclaimed himself the 'World's Worst Fisherman' and said he just could not catch bass. I gave him a Swimming Worm and showed him that it would catch fish. Then, we showed him deep crank plugs. Today, Don catches fish every trip out. In fact, I got an order from him today for a re-supply of worms.

I know I will never make any money with one lure, but that really wasn't the reason I had the Swimming Worm manufactured (although it DID cross my mind). I have deliberately not made a big deal of the lure in the past because I know it catches too many fish (I think I wrote only one magazine article on it in the past). But, today, the concept of 'catch-and-release' is popular. So, I decided to share the lure openly.

In its hand-tied form, the Swimming Worm concept has been a great fishing 'tool' for me for 27 years. When I found a manufacturer who could make it in quantity for a decent price (plus, do the improvements needed to make it easier to rig and use), I decided to see if anglers would be interested. The response was good, so we invested a buck and procured a 'prototype' production run of a few hundred. They sold out in 12 hours after announcing their availability.

We now have a large stock always on-hand. There are only 4 colors available, but they were selected strictly for effectiveness. Colors catch a lot of fishermen. Swimming Worms were made to ONLY catch fish. (I suppose one could dye the Nightcrawler Natural any color he/she desired, though.)

Here are a few of the emails we have received:

Jim, as I said on the phone these worms really work.I have tried them on five different lakes up here in NY and PA. My wife and I have caught and RELEASED over 60 Bass,Pickerl and Trout on your swimming worm,all the colors are woking equally well. I will keep you updated on our sucess up here.
Thanks again


I need some of the swimming worms and my check is enclosed. I have caught more bas on those 6 grape color worms in the past 2 weeks than I caught all of last year. I kept putting the worms back together like you said to. I even took the line and the 3 hooks and tried to put them on another worm after one tore so bad. I got 39 bass out of the 6 pack. One was my personal ‘biggie’ at 4 pounds. I have added a couple of dollars for priority mailing if you would.

Lawrence Cole

Mr. Porter

I used the swimming worm the way I thought they should be used and did not do too well. But, after I emailed you about my lack of success and you emailed me back with instructions on adding the proper small weight and the slow retrieve, I have caught the hxxx out of bass. It sure made a big difference. I first thought the swimming worm was just another scam, but I sure am straightened out now. Thanks a bunch.


For once, I bought a lure that does exactly what the seller said it would do. Gosh almighty, is this funny worm a fish catcher and a half. I really appreciate you making it available.

Jeremy Nemire, Atlanta, Ga.


I can’t get over how easy your Swimming Worm is to fish with. ‘Just cast it out and reel it back’ just sounded too easy. But, you are completely right. That’s all you have to do. You might add a note to the instruction sheet about being careful of those little hooks. Man, are they sharp. My thumb found out the hard way.


We have a small lake behind our house and I could always see fish but not catch one. But I tied on the Swim Worm like you said and threw it out and saw a fish bite right at the bank. I caught a lot more of them, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. PS – if you need a field tester, I would like to be one.

Roger Titleman, 10 years old

Mr. Porter

The swimming worm is the best lure I have ever used. I can’t believe it! They should give you a medal or something for coming up with it.

Dear Jim

I am the guy who ordered the worms and then you emailed about the color. I don’t know if the worms I ordered would have worked or not. But, I am sure glad you sent that email and recommended the Pumpkinseed for the water color around here. It worked like a charm and the bass seem to love it. Thank you for taking the time to contact me personally. I really appreciate it.


I just want to say that your "swimming worm" that I ordered a few weeks ago is not "MAGIC" but it comes damn close. The only problem that I have with it is it twists my line terribly even with a quality Sampo ball bearing swivel but I can live with that minor problem as long as it catches fish like crazy.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the offer, I will go and make the order right away. Say Hi to Don Willis when you see him. He told me about your site and then caught a three pounder from under my boat with a Swimming Worm. It was my first trip to the Stick Marsh and I got skunked. Will come back with your worms and try again.

Mike McDonald

Dear Jim,
Just a report on my success with the Swimming Worm. I bought them a month ago and have, so far, caught 77 bass on 10 of the 12 lures. Like you said, when they get torn, just stick the hooks back in someway and add a little BIC lighter flame to melt the tears together. I am in agreement that color seems to be of little significance. But, I do seem to do a little better on the Mild Grape. My re-order will be into the PayPal system right after I send this. Thanks for such a great little lure. (PS: what ever happened to that Skinny Worm thing? I used to use that style a lot, but can't find them any more. Hope you make some up. I will be the first in line).

Jim Bitterman

Jim - I'll bet this letter will be a 'first' in your files. I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday and can you guess what she said?? She said a dozen Pumpkinseed Swimming Worms!! I got some of them, plus some of the Nightcrawler, a while back. When she and I went fishing in Lake Marion to try them out, I gave here the bag of Pumpkinseeds and I used the others. After we quit, she would not give them back. She caught 9 bass that morning and got broken off once (on the first fish; then, she learned not to try and drag them to the boat!). I guess I will need some more, too.

Norm and Betty Zillman

Mr. Porter:
My friend Sammy gave me a free Swimming Worm. I went fishing with my Daddy and he used his big plugs. He put my worm on my fishing pole and I could cast it real good. I caught 4 fish and he caught 3. He said he will buy some worms.

Thank you for helping me be a fishingman.

Rodney Alleum

Mr. Porter

I hope this message works by putting it in the PayPal message form. I filled it out for a dozen of the Pumpkinseed Swimming Worms. We had a club tournament this weekend and one of out members had your swimming worm. He waxed everybody's can!!! At the weigh-in, he showed us the lure and how it worked. I guess he was charmed that day because he caught a 5 pound bass off the boat ramp while showing us how the lure worked. It sure looks good. Do you have other colors? I really like Tequila Sunrise. It is my 'go-to' color. We fished shallow backwaters in south Mississippi and your lure is ideal.

Roger Bacon

Jim Porter, It has been a lot of years and you will not remember me. But, You and I fished in a tournament on the Chickahominey River once. I remember you had some homemade worm rig that you did so well on (I think you placed second in it). I ran into a friend who gave me your web site and he also had some of your swimming worms from your site. I read the story about the lure on your site and that is how I remembered you and that lure. I bought one of the lures from him and now I am ordering a couple of dozen on the grape. That thing is GREAT!!! Like you said in the article, it is an ideal tidal water lure. I expect it is going to work really good in Carrituck Sound, too.

Alton Stump

Dear Jim-
Just a note to say thanks for the Swimming Worm. It has made me, as you said in one of your magazine stories, a 'catcher' instead of just a 'fisher'. The lure is the best thing to come along since monofilament line.

Bill Bilford

Dear Jim,

Thanks a million for coming up with the Swimming Worm. I went from getting skunked to out fishing the other boats in no time. I used to toss every lure made into the water. But, now, I mostly only use the Swimming Worm. Rigged correctly, it takes the place of most of my lures. Although my title as the "World's Worst Fisherman" is in jeopardy, I continue to bring them in regularly. If anyone gets the opportunity, they should go and try the Swimming Worm. Thanks again and put me on top of the list for the "Skinny Worm".

Don Willis, Fellsmere, FL

I had to email and tell you that darn Swimming Worm is the most awesome lure I have ever used. They may have to outlaw that thing on water where you can keep fish. I don't even need a boat to fish it in all these canals we have in south Florida. I just walk the bank during my lunch hour and it seems like I catch fish around every grass bed I cast at. Remarkable, to say the least. Like you said, everything that bites gets hooked and NOTHING gets off. Send me 2 dozen in the Mild Grape. That is my 'hot' color!!

Thanks again,
J.R. Smith

Jim Porter:
Your Swimming Worm is so darn easy to fish, even my 4and 6 year old sons started catching fish right away. We went to the pond behind our house and just cast it out and let it sink for a few seconds (the pond is 12 feet deep). I lost count of the 1-pound bass they caught on it. Tommy, the youngest, got the big fish with one around 2 pounds. That's a great lure for people who are just starting out. Thanks a heap.

Chuck Winegarten, "OKIBUGMAN"

Dear Jim,
My wife said I needed to order 2 dozen of your Swimming Worms. I put the order in on PayPal on your site. She fishes with a women's bass club and a friend of hers gave her one of the crawfish color worms. They had drawn out as partners in the club tournament on Kentucky Lake (Cumberland River side). Seems as how my wife's first cast got caught on the end of a willow bush. When she shook it lose, a 9-pound bass jumed on it as it hit the water. They took the split shots off and fished the Swimming Worm right at the surface for the day and had an 8 fish limit that went 26 pounds. Needless to say, they won. So, one dozen of the lures are hers. The other dozen are mine! It is quite a lure. You should be proud of it.

Dear Mr. Porter:
I want to be a pro angler. I fish every chance I get in a pond we have. I did not catch many fish until you sent me the sample Swimmer Worm. The first day, I caught 4 and one was a big one. The next day I got 5, but the worm torn up. My Dad saw me catch them and said he will buy more for me. Thank you for helping me catch fish. (P.S. - Thank you for the sample worm)

(Mr.Porter, Bradley wrote this note by himself on the email. He is 7 and about as hung up on fishing as he can be. I don't know the first thing about fishing, but he sure made it look easy with that lure you sent him. Maybe I will try it to. Thanks for making our day. Please email me back with how to buy some of the lures. Bradley Jones, Sr.)

Just a quick note to say I got the Swimming worm package. Thanks that instruction sheet, too. It cleared thing up about how to rig it. It took me about an hour to learn to use it (or, I just had not found a place with fish). Once I stared to catch them, the action never did stop. Like you said, if he's there, he seems to bite it quickly. Appreciate the non-infomercial approach you took. I am usually hesitant to buy lures by mail or the Web. I am glad to be able to say that yours is the 'real thing'. Thanks again

GoneFish, the Bassin' Man

This thing (Swimming Worm) is awesome. There ought to be a law against fishing with it!! Great stuff.



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