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swimming worm
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wimming Worm
No bass can resist this lure! It's not 'magic', but it's close!!

'Dry lures catch darn few fish'

See that label? Fishing will never be the same again, Partner!
We have made catching bass even easier than before!!

The famous Swimming Worm is now available to everyone!

(Now available in the hot JUNEBUG color!! A proven bass catcher!)

The Swimming Worm has been a phenomenal success for so many anglers, helping them catch more fish than they ever thought possible. Our email archive and mail bin are full of testimonials as to how much the basic Swimming Worm has done for bass anglers all over the country (and, even from Italy).

BUT, there is a lingering complaint that keeps coming up from very young anglers and others with only limited experience -

"How do I to keep the Swimming Worm properly adjusted to run correctly?"

Our original Swimming Worm design was very deliberately selected to allow the angler to adjust the action of the lure slightly. The angler could adjust the arc in the worm and control the amount of 'corkscrew' swimming action. But, after a few adjustments, the lure started to slip on the top hook too often, and got to be a problem.

The corkscrew swimming motion, the trademark of the Swimming Worm design, is a truly effective, bass-attracting action. It was the attribute of the old hand-tied version that gained so many converts. And, that slow tantalizing action works for virtually any angler who fishes it. But, now controlling/correcting the action was getting to be a pain.

So, we listened and went back to the drawing board. Looking across the soft plastic lure industry, we found a manufacturer who could add mold bends to the production process. This body shaping, coupled with our special plastic material formula, provides a worm body that retains its shape and a permanent 'corkscrew' action during the retrieve. The arced body flexes during the pressures of the retrieve and attains a perfect posture for its famous 'swimming' action.

Our offering of the newly designed
Swimming Worm is a great improvement over our original Swimming Worm lure. The original was good, but the new one is GREAT! The new Swimming Worm provides the angler with a continuous, bass-attracting action that does not require adjusting or tailoring. It holds its shape! And, it is designed to provide the optimum swimming action we have found that draws strikes. (And, a strike on the Swimming Worm is always a fish hooked!)

So, for ease of fishing and the best of the Swimming Worm's bass-catching action, give the new
Swimming Worm a try.

Although the new
Swimming Worm costs a bit more to produce, prices remain the same as for the original Swimming Worm. They are packaged 6 of the same color to a pack. Shipping and handling also are the same.

We are adjusting color availability for the new
Swimming Worm line, simply to go with what has proven the most effective. There are only a few colors in our inventory, in that we sell 'fish-catching lures', not 'fisherman-catching colors'. Here's the line-up:

JuneBug JuneBug is THE color pattern that most anglers choose for most soft plastic applications. The translucent body, with its light-reflecting fleck, has always been a classic bass-catcher in all water colorations. Choosing JuneBug is NEVER wrong!!
Green Pumpkin Pepper Lite Our present 'Go-To' color when fishing is tough; great in all water conditions; translucent, with multiple fleck colors; good for clear and slightly stained waters; our newest and hottest color!!
Natural Earthworm Good in all water conditions; in water, the color changes slightly and closely duplicates a real nightcrawler!
Pumpkinseed, w/fleck Good in all water conditions; possibly the best all-round color available; always produces
Mild Grape Good in all water conditions; the favorite plastic worm color of all time!
Motor Oil The favorite worm color with most anglers; excellent in stained waters and around grass. Kentucky Spotted bass and smallmouths love this color, too!

Packaging is 6 lures of the same color to a pack.
  • Pricing is $11.50 per 6-pack
  • SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGE is $2.25 PER 6-PACK (Large orders will be refunded excess S&H).
  • Fla. residents will be charged 6.00% sales tax automatically
Now Available!!

  • Read Jim's article about the original Swimming Worm rig that started it all!
    (Click here)
  • Read the HISTORY AND TESTIMONIALS of the Swimming Worm.
    (Click here)
  • Read the INSTRUCTIONS for the Swimming Worm.
    (Click here)


We can now take your credit card over the phone, or by direct email. Just call us at 321-951-7841 and give us your order and card data, or email it to jporter@stickmarsh.com.


  • Click on the credit card graphic below the "ORDER" section, in order to place an order. This will add the SWIMMING WORM to your Shopping Cart. If this is the only product you are ordering, click on CHECKOUT. If you want to order a different product, then click on CONTINUE to keep your shopping cart open.

  • TO ENTER YOUR COLOR CHOICES --- When you are ready for final PayPal checkout, you will find an 'ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT' icon/link near the top portion last PayPal page, just under the list of items being purchased. Click on those words and a block will open where you can enter your lure color(s). If you run into a problem, send a separate email to jporter@stickmarsh.com with the data, or call the number at the end of this page for assistance.

  • There is a $2.25 SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGE PER 6-PACK. Any excess S&H for larger orders will be refunded.. The shipping charge is handled automatically by the PayPal system.
  • Florida Residents will be charged 7% sales tax. (The Florida Sales Tax is handled automatically)
  • If you want to view your shopping cart, then click on the View Cart graphic on this page.
  • After selecting your last product, click on CHECKOUT on the order screen. Be sure to indicate colors desired in the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS' block!!
Swimming Worm
Click on credit card to
ADD to your Shopping Cart.
NOTE: The PayPal window is a Pop-Up type screen. You may need to hold down on the Control key as you click the Credit Card symbol.



We can now take your credit card over the phone (this is the EASY way and your Card data is NEVER on the Internet!!) , or by direct email. Just call us at 321-427-8295 and give us your order and card data, or email it to jporter@stickmarsh.com.


  • Those registered with PayPal, simply open their PayPal account and go to the SEND MONEY feature. After computing the price of your order (with S&H and sales tax, if applicable), send the appropriate amount of payment to our email address (JPORTER@STICKMARSH.COM). In the REMARKS below the entry of the amount being sent, enter the lure amounts, colors and any special instructions. Then, simply submit the order. .


Jim Porter
712 Hunan St NE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Questions: 321-427-8295, or email to jporter@stickmarsh.com.

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