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Fishin' Tipster's Outdoor Store
(Brought to you by Jim Porter Outdoor Adventures)

Jim Porter provides carefully selected fishing tackle and outdoor-related products at super value prices. No gimmicks, gadgets, fads, or 'fisherman catching' lure colors here. Just the absolute 'best-of-their-type' items. Each and every item offered is currently used by Jim, is a proven product, and comes with Jim's 100% guarantee.

fishing software, fishing instructionOLD FISHIN' TIPSTER'S TACKLE BOX CD
This product is NOT a 'game'. Instead, it is a serious 'tool' for providing information for the inquiring angler. Got a youngster that has been 'bitten by that fishing bug'? Or, someone new to fishing who needs to understand the terms, what equipment is involved, what fishing lines are applicable, the types of lures available and how to select them, etc., etc., etc. It is a wealth of information, using embedded links throughout, allowing the user to move around freely within the information for general subjects, descriptive pictures, diagrams and lists.

The entire presentation is profusely illustrated, utilizing interactive links to large pop-up color photos, drawings, and illustrations. Additionally, the table of contents and the individual sections of the presentation body are interactively linked for rapid movement within the material. CLICK HERE for more details.

rainwear, rain coatsFROGG TOGGS RAIN GEAR    The most cost-effective rainwear available today. And, it is extremely durable - Jim has been using the same one in Florida's wet climate for three years. This rain suit is totally waterproof and windproof, yet breathes to keep you dry and comfortable. Compacts for easily storage. The top and bottom together weigh only 11 ounces. Low price, functionality, and toughness - all in one. CLICK HERE for more details.

fishing worms, swimming worm, berkley
wimming Worm    Jim Porter's 'Swimming Worm' lure is as close to the fabled 'magic' bass fishing lure as can be contrived. The slow, teasing, non-threatening action of this lure draws upon the predatory instinct of the fish. They will NOT let it pass by. The lure simulates something natural and alive. The undulating action is adjustable. CLICK HERE for more details.

bass worms, swimming worm, zoom
wimming Worm II    Jim Porter's 'Swimming Worm II' lure is as close to the fabled 'magic' bass fishing lure as can be contrived. The slow, teasing, non-threatening action of the new lure draws upon the predatory instinct of the fish. They will NOT let it pass by. The lure simulates something natural and alive. The Swimming Worm II is a variation, which provides the angler with a continuous, bass-attracting action that does not require adjusting or tailoring. It holds its shape! CLICK HERE for more details.

crappie jigs, crappie luresTHE 'PERFECT' CRAPPIE JIG    The 'PERFECT' is simply the BEST crappie jig I have ever found. It has no bells, whistles, rattles or any of those extemporaneous things designed to make it seem a 'magic' lure. It is just a quality-made crappie jig that out-fishes any I have used in the past. It nicely combines the attributes of castability, durability, straight tracking, versatility, and fish attraction.
CLICK HERE for more details.

'BITTY BITE' CATCH-ALL LURE    This 2-1/2 inch worm lure is a very small derivative of our famous Swimming Worm design. Its small size assures lots of strikes. During tests, EVERYTHING in the water bit the lure - rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegills, shellcrackers, crappie, and even a small sucker fish known as a Red Horse. So, we decided to call it a 'Catch-All' lure.
CLICK HERE for more details.

waffle fry, french fry, zoom, bass worms, berkleyWAFFLE FRY    Resembling the original 'Do-Nothing' worm that brought the Carolina Rig into fishing prominence, this fully rigged 4-inch soft plastic lure is perfect for 'dead-sticking', as a jerk bait, or on that C-rig. The line and 2 super-sharp hooks are molded right into the body.
CLICK HERE for more details.

cookbooks'THE HUNGRY, but lazy, MAN'S RECIPE BOOK (and other assorted stuff)'    (178 pages)
Now in its 4th printing, Jim's hilarious, but highly functional, 'man's' cookbook is now in beautiful color hardback. You will have a great time reading, as well as applying, this humor masterpiece. The beautiful original art cover alone is worth the price.
CLICK HERE for more details.

outdoor books'SO, YOU WANT TO BE AN OUTDOORS WRITER (or, how to starve while having fun)'    (66 pages)
An illustrated, step-by-step instructional guide to getting starting in the field of outdoor writing. While written with a touch of humor, this booklet seriously leads the reader through the subjects he needs to know when exploring outdoor writing as a profession.
CLICK HERE for more details.

Mexican guides called it 'the Gringo's magic worm'. Tournament fisherman dread to see a competitor tying one on his line. But, the Swimming Worm, possibly the single most effective lure ever devised for bass and other large predatory fish.
CLICK HERE for more details.

ccoking sauce, outdoor recipes, fish recipesMYRON'S 20-GAUGE SAUCE    'Remarkable' is the only word' -- unless 'just darn good' suits you better!! This product was primarily developed to be a highly effective marinate, for both tenderizing and flavoring meats, particularly wild game. MYRON'S 20 GAUGE is a concentrated multi purpose "fusion" sauce with Asian roots and continental finish. It is a very versatile cooking sauce made from soy sauce, garlic, red wine, natural sweeteners, rice wine vinegar, olive oil and spices. It has the power to turn an old buck's shanks to silken tenderness and the subtlety to provide the perfect counterpoint to a delicate grilled salmon fillet.
CLICK HERE to read Jim's Review of the product.

CLICK HERE for ordering details.

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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