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Patent Pending – Copyright 2004

It’s the Optimum Sinking Soft Jerk Bait!!

Soft jerk bait lures, particularly the slowly sinking ones, have created a once-in-a-lifetime impact on bass fishing. They are a phenomenon, the magnitude of which is rapidly changing the angling population’s entire approach to lure selection and presentation.

To illustrate this, all the top guides on Florida’s famed Farm 13/Stick Marsh complex use this type lure almost exclusively. And, they have for over two years now. Just read the fishing reports on their web sites and the various fishing chat pages. (Our big web site and the Bass Fishing Home Page are excellent examples:

And, it’s not just the largemouth bass chasers who are turning to this ‘near-magic’ lure either! Those who quest after smallmouth bass, walleye, giant northern pike – they are all finding that the sinking soft jerk bait is an absolutely devastating lure for their favorite fish species. Even panfish have shown a decided preference for this type lure, in the 2 and 3-inch models.

Those of us who like to go for saltwater species are not left out, either. We have taken great catches of speckled trout, redfish and snook on the 5 ½ inch model in Junebug, Green Pumpkin and chartruse colors. The trout, in particular, have a definite liking for the chartreuse, w/black fleck, and attack it ferociously. Redfish and snook also go for the chartreuse and all you have to do is cast close to one to assure a strike. As with many fish, all it takes is for the lure to slowly drop on a slack line to trigger an immediate and hard strike. If you have caught snook before, just imagine that supercharged torpedo slamming a sinking soft jerk bait at full speed. It’s awesome.

The fact is, we have not found any species of fish that do not go after this lure with pure abandon. Accordingly, it is my opinion that:

The sinking soft jerk bait is possibly the most


fishing lure ever devised.

It can be fished slow, fast, as a topwater, on the bottom, and anyhere in between. This lure can basically replace any in your tackle box. AND, it looks and acts more natural than any other in that box, too.

No one has been keeping the lure a secret. For nearly two years, it is the ONLY artificial we have used in our highly successful guide business.

My many shell-shocked Clients will tell you that we would first show them the lure and its rigging, and explain it to them. Then, we would demonstrate it. It would amaze you to know that we caught a bass on that first demonstration cast over 50% of the time.

What can we say?!

And, that’s what we usually said to the Clients, too. It wasn’t the guide that was responsible for this unprecedented success. IT WAS THE LURE. All we had to do present it where there were bass. The lure did the rest.

Many have read about sinking soft jerk bait, heard about it word-of-mouth, and even SEEN it work. But, it is still not widely used.

The reason the sinking soft jerk bait is not on the tip of every fishing rod is really very easy to explain:

Most anglers just cannot cope with the lure presentation methods required.



Now, isn’t that a hoot?! But, it’s the truth.

We anglers, bombarded by so much advertising for so many competing lure styles and designs, have become mentally brainwashed with what the manufacturers say it takes to make a great lure. To be successful, a lure needs to have one or more very specific characteristics:

  • Some ‘gimmicky’ physical characteristic of design or presentation that makes fish swoon
  • Exotic fish attracting colors and/or finishes
  • Enticing ‘special action’ or ‘sound production’ that only their particular lure has
  • Unusual presentation methods that that neither fish nor fishermen have ever seen before

The sinking soft jerk bait is so simple to use that we have NEVER had a guide party Client that did not catch bass with it.

Not a one.

Not even 6 year-old children, or 83 year-olds with physical disabilities. Once they see how to do it and see a fish caught, their ‘confidence switch’ is turned on. From that point, it is easy.

Yet, others are always telling us that they just have no ‘luck’ with the sinking soft jerk bait. Heck, our boat catches a lot of bass by accident, while picking out a loop in the line, or reaching for a drink, or just rambling off into a conversation and forgetting about the lure.

All one really has to do is cast a sinking soft jerk bait out around cover and do absolutely NOTHING. Just let it sink on a slack line. That’s about as easy as it can get and that catches a bunch of them.

But, its sounds too simple, right??

If you have ever shared a boat with us, or just know us well, you know that we don’t tell any untruths about fishing.

  • So, when we tell you the sinking soft jerk bait is the easiest lure to fish you will ever run across, you can take that to the bank.
  • So, when we tell you the sinking soft jerk bait is the most effective lure you will ever run across, you can take that to the bank.
  • So, when we tell you the sinking soft jerk bait is the most versatile lure you will ever run across, you can take that to the bank.

Over the past two years previously mentioned, we used every brand sinking soft jerk bait made. In the process, we also acquired 200 sinking soft jerk bait bodies (100 each in Junebug and Green Pumpkin) made to our own initial specifications.

As the Stick Marsh fishing seasons progressed, we provided all the various brands, at random, to our guide service Clients. We usually did not tell them the brand name of the lures they were fishing.

The bottom line was that we found that most of the brands worked well and about equally. Interesting, the most expensive brand was actually the poorest performer in terms of quantities of fish caught and especially in durability.

We did finally conclude a few specifics associated with our best results:

  • The 5-to-6 inch sizes have the best profile, action and success rates for largemouth bass.
  • Smallmouth bass were best using a smaller 4-inch size; we simply cut a inch, or so, off the front end of the larger lures to attain this size.
  • Bass definitely prefer dark colors, with Junebug and Green Pumpkin appearing to perform best, day-in and day-out. Others worked, from the wild Bubblegum color to just plain white. But, those two dark colors still produced best. Junebug may have had a slight edge, but it was very close.
  • Saltwater species appear to go for bright colors best, with chartreuse being a top choice for our local speckled trout, redfish, and those big mean snook!.
  • A recessed weedless hook slot in the lure was very helpful for those with a weak hookset.
  • Some lure brand body plastics were too hard (difficult to set the hook through) and some were to soft (tore easily and were only good for one or two fish).
  • The sink rates (and, therefore, the body material densities) varied greatly among the brands were used. Strikes on the drop were triggered best by the lures that sank the fastest.

Forever in search of that Holy Grail of fishing, the fabled ‘Magic Lure’, we decided combine the desirable attributes of the various sinking soft jerk baits on the market (plus a couple of our own) and manufacture as close to the ‘perfect lure’ as possible. We also wanted to provide a sinking soft jerk bait that was economical (most are obscenely expensive).

The result is our new RIPPIN’ STICK!!!

Its name comes from our primary method of presenting the lure at, or just under, the surface. We actually use a slow-to-medium retrieve speed with this presentation. But, from that point on, the action is different from anything you’ll see. We use a continuous and rapid series of soft, short wrist snaps to give the lure a constant, erratic quivering and darting action. You could even describe it as ‘constantly shaking’ the rod. We like to say that the lure is ‘ripping’ back and forth, side to side. When seen in the water, from underneath, it makes the lure appear more life-like than even a panicking real creature. Of course, we also fish it slowly down deeper, with lifts, drops and jerks.

The RIPPIN’ STICK is not a magic lure, by any means. There never will be one of those. But, it is the most productive, easiest-to-fish lure to ever hit the market. All it really takes on the part of the angler is to follow the use directions and pay attention to detecting the strike. It only takes a couple of strikes on this lure for even the inexperienced angler to grasp the ‘feel’ and virtually never miss one again. It’s that easy.

Here are the features we designed into our ‘RIPPIN’ STICK’:

  • An optimum length of 5 ½ inches
  • Additional salt content to increase body density
  • provides a 15-20% faster sink rate to improve the ‘feel/contact’ with the lure and generate more ‘reaction strikes’
  • provides better Texas Rig capability without requiring additional sinker weight
  • provides greatly improved castability
  • provides better control in wind and current flow
  • Correctly positioned hook slot for weedless applications, with sizing for 2/0 and 3/0 Z-bend hooks (example: Eagle Claw styles L7013BP, LO95JB, or equivalent)
  • When the hook is in the designed location, there is a balanced weight distribution, insuring the lure stays horizontal and provides excellent ‘flutter’ action on the fall
  • Balanced body toughness trade-offs for maximum durability and minimum resistance to hook passage
  • A very specific, proven color selection to catch fish, not fishermen
  • A small amount of metal flake to reflect light and enhance visual acquisition by the fish
  • A light anise background scent to mask leeching of skin oils or other contaminates

In addition to the above, we also managed to negotiate a production contract that makes the ‘RIPPIN’ STICK’ very cost-effective. No more of those $.40 - $.70 each rip-off 'deals' for a piece of plastic. And, the ‘RIPPIN’ STICK’ is also available in bulk quantities for bass clubs, tournaments, etc., with even MORE savings.

Jim’s new ‘RIPPIN’ STICK’

The best lure of its type available anywhere.

Top quality, with no compromises.

And, at a better price.

It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Take a trip over to our OUTDOOR STORE (the link is at the top of this page) and see the great prices on the RIPPIN' STICK soft jerk baits -- 5.5-inch, 4-inch and 3-inch, in a proven assortment of colors. Compare prices (with S&H costs, where necessary) and you'll see the best lures at the best prices -- ANYWHERE!!

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