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Got a question about fishing, that you have never been able to figure out?

Well, along comes old Fishin' Tipster, Weekend Semi-Pro and resident backlash picking champion, with the solution.

(Does the old Tipster ever make a mistake? Do the bear dump in the woods??

Well, I sure made a good one with the previous transducer protector tip I came up with. I hadn’t tried it long enough to be sure it was a decent ‘fix’ for the problem. It worked for three trips. On the fourth, a stump bent the L-shaped piece of metal I had protecting the transducer. That assured the transducer was also hit and it broke off. Then, of course, the transducer and its cable, now flopping around freely, got chopped up by the propeller.

So let’s try this again. The new ‘design’ looks a bit ‘Rube Goldberg-ish’, but it works like a champ and there will be do more problems with damage to the transducers.)

Got new model MinnKota (or other trolling motor) that has the keel projection back near the propeller?? Boy, that’s a bummer for those who want to hang a depthfinder transducer on the electric motor’s housing. That keel used to be located forward. We could mount the transducer BEHIND the skeg, providing great protection top the transducer from stumps and other obstructions. (Plus, the skeg is so small. It serves no rudder-type purpose anyway.) Now, the transducer (which is usually plastic) just sits out there ready to be destroyed by the first stump we hit. A terrible design issue.

Well, along comes old Fishin' Tipster, Weekend Semi-Pro and resident backlash picking champion, with the solution.


Take a look at the accompanying pictures.

Some non-fisherman obviously designed the new MinnKota trolling motor units. He placed the keel skeg back by the propeller, preventing the mounting of the depthfinder transducer BEHIND that skeg. Before, with the skeg forward, we could place the transducer behind the skeg and prevent the transducer from being broken by impact with an obstruction or the bottom. Since transducers are usually made of plastic, any direct impacts usually break their mounting arm. I took a chance with mounting my Lowrance skimmer transducer forward and it lasted half a fishing trip (that Stick Marsh do have a lot of stumps!).

So, I sat down and looked at the motor and transducer for awhile. Finally, the idea I was searching for showed itself.

I did a little measuring of the transducer and then determine what size protective device would be needed in front of it. I also took into account that I did not want the protective device to be shoved back into the transducer when it impacted something.

I worked with plastic pipe, aluminum pipe, and wood as potential materials for the transducer protective device. I finally decided on wood, as it would have some ‘give’ on any impact. Plus the metal bands holding it would cut into the wood a bit and assure a non-slip hold.

I cut a 2X2 wood block to the proper length. Then, I beveled the forward end of the wood block to allow it to slide up on a stump, rather than impact it solidly and possibly be rammed backwards into the transducer. When mounting the wooden block, I noted that it might pivot a bit if only one mounting band was used, so I used two. I also placed a small strip of metal on the bottom of the wooden block to keep the bands from cutting into it too far.

Additionally, I used pressure-treated wood and also doused it with Thompson’s Water Seal a few times. After it had dried and before mounting it, I also painted it with black enamel. It should last awhile, I think.

I have hit a few of those ‘big brown ones’ pretty solidly and, so far, this modification appears to be fine.

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