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Got a question about fishing, that you have never been able to figure out?

Well, along comes old Fishin' Tipster, Weekend Semi-Pro and resident backlash picking champion, with the solution.

Ever see or hear of a serious bass boat accident?

Man, with so many boats out there now, the waters are getting crowded, the boats go faster, and accidents are increasing. To top that, most anyone with a credit rating can go by a 70-MPH go-faster rig and hit the water. He doesn't have to take a boating course or even know how to drive one. I have seen some folks with a new 200 HP on a 20-foot bass rig that did not even know what the power trim was for.

So, you and I want to improve our odds of NOT being a statistic, right. Well, along comes old Fishin' Tipster, Weekend Semi-Pro and resident backlash picking champion, with some of the solution.

Take a look at the accompanying photo. That's the footwell of my big STRATOS. There are three things visible that help keep my boat safe.

1. If you have never had a fire on a boat, you don't know what instant panic is. That fire extinguisher is priceless when you need it. Get one.
2. That Hotfoot throttle control is also a major safety feature. I can keep both hands on the wheel, plus it brings the throttle back to idle should something happen to me. Get one.
3. The red cord is a positive kill switch. I attached it around my leg or clip it to a hook on my life vest like it was a religion. Should I get thrown away from the controls of the boat, that red lanyard pulls an ignition breaker that shuts the motor down. I have seen it work more than once. It saves lives. Get one.

There is one other item that is not shown and that it the power trim control up on my steering wheel. I can control the trim while still keeping BOTH hands on the wheel. Get one!

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A common question that we get: "Is there somewhere close to get bait and tackle?" This is where we get our bait.

Pete and Tina Heinz / 9 South Mulberry St. / Fellsmere, FL 32948 / 772-571-9855

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